About us


Elle Janee Beauty was founded with the help of a creative spirit, dedication and a unique cosmetic industry skill set.

As an executive corporate developer, I've always had an ultimate goal of enabling others to express their individual beauty. This brand gives me the opportunity to combine my creative makeup artistry experience, product development experience, and passion for the beauty industry.

Every idea generally starts as a solution to a problem and mine was quite simple: I wanted to start something of my own after having designed beauty products for different top distributors for the last decade. I wanted to create my own voice through beauty, a sound I had gut feeling many others would resonate with. Every stage of one's life has a beginning and an end. The beginning of Elle Janee Beauty is me creating my own stage! I'm excited to launch the start of my own brand and give it life.  


Elle Janee Beauty offers an extensive variety of lash extensions that accentuate many different eye shapes, custom tweezers & a innovative high-performance adhesive. No matter what's going on and how tough your day has been, a popping lip or a fierce lash is always a pick me up!



Elle Janee Beauty’s mission is to offer products that make people feel beautiful, grow their confidence, uplift others, and live life with passion.
Our vision is to gradually spring up, expand, grow beyond offering great lashes, and design more amazing products. Life becomes simple when you realize that great beauty products enhanced one’s confidence.